Woman Walks Inside Stable To Find Horse Wearing An Unusual Feathered Hat

Rocky the horse is serene. He’s pretty docile, and his temperament is pleasant and kind. Calm, cool and collected when he’s in his happy place, Rocky generally has a sunny disposition. He’s happy to chill out in the stable or go out for long rides. He’s a go-with-the-flow kind of horse, and nothing really rubs him the wrong way.
So, when this scene went down, Rocky didn’t seem to mind too much. In fact, I think he kind of likes it. He’s got a good thing going with his friend and seems okay with what they’re doing. It’s nothing out of the ordinary in his books. But, for his owner Nancy, from Elk City, Oklahoma, she walked into something she feels is totally off the wall, and if she didn’t record it, no one would believe her!
Rocky was doing his thing, hanging around when Nancy came to say hi to him. “I went out to check horses and this is what I find,” she says. “I can say with certainty that this horse is one broke dude. Thank you, Lord I needed this today.” Lo and behold, perched upon Rocky’s head is a curled up chicken passing the time hanging out with his horse buddy. Chickaleta the chicken is one happy bird sitting on Rocky’s head. Nancy is in disbelief.
“Rocky, what are you doing with that chicken? Nobody is going to believe this.” Rocky bobs his head a bit, and Chickaleta starts to pick herself up and move down the horse’s neck. She edges her way down, shaking her chicken butt, as Nancy keeps rolling, equal parts shocked and humored at what’s unfolding in front of her
Rocky doesn’t budge, remaining stoic and calm. The two have a cute little friendship and have been known to keep each other company in the stable. Chickaleta visits Rocky, standing on his gate and spending time with him. The chicken likes to stand close to Rocky’s head and Rocky likes to rub his face on her feathers. I suppose it’s a natural progression; the next step in their friendship was for the chicken to climb aboard Rocky and make herself comfortable as his chicken hat!

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