Sly Cat Being Chased By A Dog Has Unique Way Of Deterring The Pup

When the word ‘cat’ comes to mind, ‘dog’ tends to come next. A visual that pops into mind is a cat being chased by a dog. Among the two, who are typically rivals; the cat tends to be viewed as the weak and scared creature while the dog maintains its dominance as it seeks to win the game of chase.
But the phrase ‘scaredy cat’ isn’t always relevant. This footage of one cat playing a trick on a dog proves that felines can be intelligent and brave when in potential danger.
At the beginning of the clip, we witness the cat lying flat in the middle of what looks like a road. The predator, a light tan dog, is hovering over the cat, just waiting for it to make its next move. From the looks of it, it appears that the dog has already won. With funeral music playing in the background of the video, the ambiance seems to be correct at this point.
The dog begins to grow impatient when the cat doesn’t even lift a paw. At one point, the pup loses his tensed-up front like he’s thinking that the cat is actually dead. He almost begins to look a bit guilty! Even the dog’s body language, with his paws turned outward, suggest that he is ready to just give up and flee the scene.
Right at the perfect moment, however, the “dead” feline quickly picks its head up to survey its surroundings and proceeds by making a run for it! The pup is at a loss for words (but, mainly because he can’t speak English). Nevertheless, the doggo begins to dart after that darned cat!
But the action doesn’t just end there. The chase proves that the cat is incredibly smart. He knows all the right moves for all the right times, and exactly where to rush to. The “Tom and Jerry” music playing during the chase makes it that much better.
Towards the end of the video, it becomes clear that the cat won as the dog ends up losing his prey and confusingly walking off. Whew, what a rush!
If you were a cat, how would you escape a hungry dog?

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