Photographer Takes Majestic Photos of Wild Horses And Reveals The Bitter Truth About Them

Kimerlee Curyl, a photographer, realized that she was genuinely interested in the wild horses of USA. However, she learned that they were on the verge of extinction because of an evil process. To address this problem, she decided to make “Strong Women, Strong Horses,” a documentary about women photographer exploring the lives of wild horses in their natural habitat.
While exploring places like the Great Basin, these photographers have witnessed not only the majestic aura of these horses but also some harsh conditions they are forced into. While ranching industries demand more land for cattle, and oil producers plan to extend large pipelines across the US, these horses are basically stuck between them, having scary roundups that cost some of them, their lives.
The documentary evidently stresses on these issues and about how these women photographers view the world of these wild, beautiful horses.

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