Teen spots dying horse on side of a road, walks 9 miles to save its life

Kelsey and her mother were driving along a country road in Illinois. They were on their way to a swap meet, but their plan took an unexpected turn when Kelsey’s mom suddenly took a different route than usual. But as fate would have it, this new route turned out to be life-changing.
As they drove along the new route, Kelsey noticed something strange along the side of the road. It was a starving horse on the verge of dying. What Kelsey and her mother did next will warm your heart.
Kelsey and her Mom immediately got out of their car to help the horse; they knew they couldn’t just leave the horse there. The frightened horse refused to get into the trailer, but Kelsey was determined to not give up. She walked home, a full nine miles, with the horse. The entire walk took around four hours, but in the end, Kelsey’s perseverance paid off. The horse had whip marks, swollen eyes, and was incredibly fatigued from starvation, and once home, Kelsey nursed her back to help. She even slept in the barn for five nights because she didn’t want the horse to be alone while she was recovering.
Since the recovery, Sonny has grown into a beautiful horse, and her and Kelsey share an unbreakable bond. While some may think it’s coincidence that Kelsey was in the right place at the right time, I like to think of it as fate. These two were meant to be together, and I am so glad they are!

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