Service Dog Lies Down In Airport And Won’t Move-Concerned Travelers Do Everything To Help Her

Ellie the Labrador caused quite a motion among the busy travellers, long lines, and the sights and sounds of a hectic airport. She suddenly went into labour and delivered eight adorable puppies right in the airport! Thankfully, she had the generous help of family, friends and paramedics.
Eleanor Rigby the service dog, aka “Ellie” went into labour while waiting in line to board a flight at Tampa International Airport in Florida. Passengers were astounded to see the unusual sight. They were even kind enough to wait through the three-hour ordeal. Needless to say, they were even happy to see the miracle of new lives being born!
Bystanders even went as far as to capture the adorable moment on camera and share them across social media.
The kind team from Tampa Fire and Rescue were the heroes who helped Ellie deliver seven healthy boys and one girl right in the motion of the airport. To express her gratitude, Diana Van Atter, Ellie’s mom even named two puppies after two of the paramedics. They were Natalie and Larry, while proud papa, Nugget watched as his babies entered the world.

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