He see lost baby horse on the road, reunites it with his worried Mom

It’s not every day that you’re driving along the road and you see a foal. The poor thing was clearly lost and confused, unsure of how to get back to its family.
A couple of men happened to capture the scene on video. As they drive further along the road, the foal can see its mother and family, but has trouble reuniting with them over the railing. The railing reached up to the foal’s chin, and it was too timid to attempt leaping over the railing on its own.
Rather than leave the foal behind and continue on their way, these men decided to help. One exited the car and approached the baby horse. What happens next is a heartwarming sight.
Though the foal is wary of the man’s intentions and moves away from him, he eventually lets the man get close enough to pick him up and lower him over the railing, thus reuniting him with his family. And just like that, the family is whole once again.
Check out the kind rescue for yourself in the video below. Maybe one day, when the foal gets older, he will repay the favor those men did for him that day.

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