Giant Pooch Hilariously Refuses To Complete Agility Course In A Hurry

Having to solve obstacles by dogs having run through them with their handlers sounds like a fast, fun sport, doesn’t it? That’s agility. While the fastest pair is usually the winner, this winning pair doesn’t seem to care about speed.
A hilarious tale originating from Denver, Colorado, a Mastiff gave the most hilarious performance during the agility course.
While his handler was quite excited for the game, readying his big doggo for it, his animal companion had some other ideas. The second the clock started, the Mastiff did the exact opposite of what he was supposed to. He decided to complete all of the tasks very, very slowly.
Taking all the time in the world, he jumped the bars and sauntered through the tunnels. And he did so all the while looking at his handler in the most taunting way!
The entire time, the big goofball doesn’t stop but rather moves in the slowest speed possible. It’s no surprise that the all the attendees found it hilarious

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