Rescuers Find Helpless Cat Crying For Help Hiding Under A Truck Ruined By Wildfire

Cinematographer Douglas Thron has spent almost all of his life capturing the aftermath of infernos. However, what he captured this time after California’s campfire was nothing like anything he has ever seen before.
“I have never witnessed anything like it,” Thron said. “This is the most devastating fire I’ve ever seen.”
Yet, hope was still there.
Thron recently partnered with rescuer Shannon Jay to look into the ruins of Paradise to find any surviving pets. Jay was experienced in rescuing thousands of cats from disaster zones over the years. This time though, he also taught Thorn what a labour of love is all about.
“The cats are very skittish,” he said. “They’ve been through hell.”
While filming last week, Thorn caught something magical. Jay heard faint noises of a cat’s cries coming from under a burned-out truck. The cat was terrified, and flames burned her fur and paws. She had found shelter under the truck and desperately needed help.

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