Cat Adorably Tries to Wake up Kitty Friend

Cats sure do love their beauty sleep – after all, they don’t call them catnaps for nothing! If they’re not busy eating or playing, you can most definitely catch your furry feline friend partaking in a bit of (or a lot of! ) snooze time. Cats are usually on their toes, so even when they sleep, waking them up isn’t too much of a task to do. They will usually wake up with a start. In a viral video going around, one cat tries to wake up its kitty friend – and it’s a bit harder than one might think!
In the video below, you can see two adorable cats – a black and white feline as well as a brown and black striped kitty – lounging on what appears to be a wooden rail. The black and white cat is seen grooming itself while the brown and black kitten is passed out sleeping right next to it. Throughout the video, the alert cat tries several times to wake up its companion who isn’t doing too great of a job keeping it company! The alert cat first tries grooming the kitten in attempt to wake it up and when that doesn’t work, it playfully bites its ear, which does absolutely nothing. The cat seemingly gives up and hops off the rail, but then is seen playing with the kitty’s tail and then when that doesn’t work, it starts playing with its paw. Talk about a Sleeping Beauty! The determined cat tries everything, and even ends up falling off the ledge a couple of times in its attempt to wake up its pal. The two are just too adorable for words!

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