Clever Farmer Saves Newborn Calf From Freezing To Death By Sitting In His Hot Tub

Babies need to have their temperature regulated in order to survive, and should never be too hot or too cold for too long.
But that wasn’t the case for a newborn calf named Leroy on Dean Gangwer’s farm in Indiana, and it took quick, smart thinking to save the little cow’s life.
Gangwer’s farm houses over one hundred cattle, and it’s important that they’re regularly looked after and kept in check.
But unbeknownst to him, one of his cows had wandered off for some privacy when she wanted to give birth and hadn’t been able to bring her new baby back.
So Gangwer was shocked when he came across a pile of snow with a shivering calf in it, barely clinging to life.
Hurriedly, Gangwer brought the baby home.
He was about to bring him inside when he remembered that he had a hot tub.

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