9-Year-Old Boy Faces Off With Masked Intruder, Then Boy’s Pit Bull Saves The Day

Few things could be more terrifying to a child home alone than an intruder. So when nine-year-old Shane Shafer was confronted by a masked man in his own living room, panic set in quickly

He was home alone while his mom ran to the nearby school to get his sibling, thinking Shane would be fine for a few minutes on his own. Well, it turns out he’s okay now because of his brave Pit Bull, Baby Girl. Thank goodness!
When Shane saw a masked man breaking in, he bolted up his stairs, hoping he could get away from the intruder
What the bad guy didn’t know was there was a Pit Bull at the top of those stairs, ready to save Shane by chasing the bad guy right back out of the house. Baby Girl didn’t hesitate to make sure Shane wasn’t hurt one bit. It’s clear, this is a dog who will take care of her family.

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