Pregnant Chihuahua Has Big Belly. After 10th Pup Arrives Foster Mom Learns Her Even Bigger Secret

When a chihuahua named Laugh Out Loud – or LOL, for short – was saved from a bad home situation, her new foster owners had no idea that she would go on to break a world record.
The little dog and a group of other chihuahuas, were rescued by the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption organization from a hoarding home, where they were neglected and suffering.
When LOL was rescued, she was heavily pregnant, and it’s a lucky thing she was rescued before giving birth to her litter, as they may not have survived otherwise!

Josie Boyd Brown opened up her home to foster LOL, and on National Puppy Day, she went into labor.
Dogs often have litters of several dogs and chihuahuas have an average litter of about five, so Josie wasn’t too surprised when three popped out.
But after the fifth, she couldn’t help but notice that LOL was still extremely round, as if she had many more to go!

Even after the eight, little LOL kept going – and when she finally stopped, Josie thought she counted ten puppies.
The next day, when she went back to check the puppies’ genders and identify them, and she realized she’d counted wrong.
There were three females and eight males – a whopping eleven in total!

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