Child Asks Santa For Puppy For Christmas, Instead He’s Taken To The Airport

Santa delivers wishes to good boys and girls all around the world, but he just could not make it to one particular nine-year-old boy. The child asked Santa to bring him a puppy, but Santa wrote to the boy with some bad news
In the letter, which the child reads while sitting in the back seat of his car, Santa explains it is much too dangerous to travel with a puppy in his sleigh, even though the boy really wanted a puppy for Christmas.
So his parents had to help out by making a long trip to a nearby airport.

The child continues reading the letter, in which Santa says his Christmas gift is arriving on an airplane. The little boy realizes that Santa did make his dream come true. He begins to cry and is in disbelief. You can really feel his excitement and joy knowing what is happening. He is about to be a new puppy owner!
An adult opens the door to the vehicle and in comes a Boxer puppy. The child is happy, the puppy is squirming and giving the boy lots of kisses.

Rather than tell you anything else, we invite you to see this magical moment in the video below. ‘Tis the season, and anything is possible.

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