Young Elephant Reaches Out To Worker — For Playtime

Renowned for their reputation as one of the world’s most intelligent animals, elephants are highly emotionally intelligent species of animals in which their young baby elephants are also, notoriously playful. Elephants are extremely loyal to their herds and human companions, and are pretty expressive with them as well. However, meet one young elephant – he has found a new human friend that he wants to play with, despite being in a fenced area.
A man named Dan Daeng was hired to undertake a few fixing-ups and basic handyman work around the Mae-Sa Elephant Camp located all the way in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While he was trying to concentrate, a trunk suddenly touches his shoulder from behind, and that was when he spun around – coming face-to-face with an adorable 1-year-old elephant named Khunsuk. The Mae-Sa Elephant Camp is a well-known elephant welfare organization which dedicates their staffs’ knowledge and expertise to increasing and saving local elephant population. There, many elephants are being cared for – even Khunsuk.

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