Dog Had Been On The Run For 3 Years When Finally Captured, And Mom’s Beside Herself

When the Hobsons got a call from the Humane Society, they were overwhelmed by what they heard. Their dog Ella that has been missing for more than three years was found by their staff and was waiting for her owners to finally take her home.
After the lovely dog went missing, Theresa and her family did everything in their power to track her down, spending months searching nearby woods and fields, but their furry pal was nowhere to be seen.
However, they’ve never lost hope, and prayed for the dog to return home safe and sound. Luckily, that’s exactly what happened. Thanks to the microchip, the volunteers from the organization managed to locate the owners and give them the happy news.
What Ella did out on the streets for so much time all by her self is something her family will never know for sure, but they can at least put their worries at rest knowing that the kind people from Butler Toyota which is placed just six-miles away from Ella’s home took good care of her for the last two years, believing she is a stray dog.

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