Abandoned Pony Is Being Eaten Alive By Maggots, Then Stranger Makes Lifesaving Call To Rescuers

When you imagine wild horses, do you see them running through a grassy field with the sun glistening off their coat and mane? I have never imagined a wild horse suffering or struggling to get by. But the reality is, they can get injured and succumb to the elements. Buggy, a little black-and-white pony, did. When Chloe Atkins saw Buggy from a distance, she knew he was in trouble and called World Horse Welfare.
Sarah Tucker from World Horse Welfare was able to get to Buggy and see that he could barely stand and was being eaten alive by maggots. World Horse Welfare, according to their website is an international horse charity that helps horses in the UK and around the world. Watch Buggy’s story in the video. Warning: The video has graphic images of his wounds.

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