Injured Horse Airlifted To Safety — When He Lands, He Shows His Gratitude

The average adult horse can weigh anywhere from 840 to 2,200 pounds. What happens if a horse gets stuck or hurt? It can’t be easy to move a 900-pound animal that is too hurt to walk. Lucky, an Alaskan pack horse, found himself in a very scary predicament and needed emergency help.
Lucky was trying to cross a river when he slipped and fell in the rapidly moving water. He was thrown against the rocks and was injured. The nearest animal clinic was hours away. Lucky wasn’t able to move or help himself. His owners were not about to give up on him and came up with a way to help him.
They were able to enlist the help of Dr. Dee. She is the veterinarian who works in Alaska and even has her own television show on Animal Planet called “Dr. Dee Alaska Vet.” If you have ever seen an episode of that show, you know Dr. Dee is an amazing veterinarian.

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