Wild Horse Is Petrified Of Humans. When This 10-Year-Old Meets Her, Unbelievable…

This is a story about a girl and her horse. As you can probably already imagine, this wasn’t just any horse. A year before she was adopted, Dixie, a white Mustang, was found running down a California freeway! When 10-year-old Ella and her mom, Jen Fox, adopted Ella they moved her to the Total Equestrian Experience in Chatsworth, California.
Dixie was wild and almost uncontrollable! None of the trainers had much luck getting Dixie to cooperate with them. Doctors and trainers believe Dixie had been abused and was very wary of people. Ella and Dixie had made an instant connection, and they began to work together. It wasn’t always easy, but little by little Ella gained Dixie’s trust!

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