They Thought This Dog Had Been Hit By A Car, But Then They Find Out The Truth…

Let’s talk a little about reckless driving shall we? Most people, especially those who think they don’t have a soft corner in their hearts, don’t really care about who they run over because hey, if it isn’t one of them, it’s none of their business. Take an example of this dad who was standing at his daughter’s grave. Or this guy at the nightclub… people get hurt. Real bad. But this post isn’t about reckless driving, it’s about stone hearts.
Meet Candy, a semi paralyzed dog who was found roaming the streets. When people saw her, they thought she was a victim of reckless driving, but when they took her to the vet, the xrays revealed something even more shocking. How this could happen to her is beyond my understanding, but what I do know is that she had the will to fight anything and everything to live the life she was meant to live.

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