Man rescues baby fox from tin can, and fox stops to say a thank you

It’s typical when people come across an animal going through their trash, they are pretty annoyed, It makes a mess and they are viewed as a nuisance.
When this man came across a tiny baby fox that had managed to get his head stuck in an empty tin can, he could not help but feel for the little guy.
So he set the camera to record (picture or it didn’t happen) and then set to work, the courageous little fox was having some serious navigational trouble and had found himself repeatedly walking into a fence that refused to move.
The fox then begins to cry which could melt even the iciest of hearts, but help was on the way, and at long last things were finally looking up for the tiny fox.
It’s not easy for the rescuer to get the can off but he perceives and finally success
The little fox is clearly very shaken but his gratitude is overwhelming and he approaches his hero and receives a number of loving pats and gentle strokes.
The rescuer then heads back inside to pick up some food for the fluffy fox.

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