10+ Shocking Dog Transformation Stories That Will Warm Your Hearts

We all love a great, heartwarming story of rescued dogs that have been transformed from being almost unrecognizable to adorable creatures. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and rescuers, some strays and abandoned dogs have been fortunate enough to get a second chance at life and a fur-ever home.
The strays people see out on the streets still fight to survive and different situations could affect their physical health, emotional and mental state. Their coats and their outside appeal are proof enough of how difficult life had been for them. But with good souls, these dogs can still have the chance to find their permanent family.

Here are 10 shocking dog transformation stories that will warm your hearts and restore your faith in humanity.

#1. Jack

Jack was found emaciated, flea-infested and out in the rain. He had a large burn on his face. After rescuers took him to a vet, he was given a makeover and has since become an adorable chubby canine.

#2. Cedar

Cedar was found near a golf course and was in a bad shape. He was emaciated and lost all his hair due to stress. Rescuers from Paws Antigua helped him recover and he turned out to be a furball. Cedar has already found his family.Head over to the next page…