Two Puppies Fell Into A Deep Pit, Seconds Later They See A King Cobra

We’ve all been told a million times to keep an eye out on our puppies, but sometimes, and I don’t blame anyone, it becomes a little challenging to do that because puppies have more energy than you can ever imagine. They’re hyper, super excited most of the time and love to explore their surroundings. So naturally to keep an eye on them becomes a challenge, right? Well these people in Punjab, India, got the shock of their lives when they couldn’t find their puppies anywhere.
These two puppies were out and about when they accidentally fell inside a deep pit. The puppies’ mother was barking frantically looking for her babies and that’s when the owners realized something was wrong. We spotted the well and looked down, only to see that the puppies were accompanied by a king cobra.<strong>Head over to the next page…</strong><!–nextpage–>
Take a look at this picture

Source: Bright Side

Miraculously, the cobra didn’t harm the puppies at all, in fact it was keeping them safe from hurting themselves. After spending 48 hours in the pit, rescuers rescued the puppies and the cobra. While the puppies went back home, the cobra was released into the wild! Omg, such a heart racer, right? Well share away!