How These Therapy Dogs Helps Veterans Is Going to Amaze You!

What are therapy dogs anyway? They are dogs who’ve reserved their place in heaven for they have determined and have taken the oath of helping veterans in need during their lifetime 🙂 I think that’s a beautiful way to put it down, and mind you I didn’t state that, a veteran who I know said that 🙂 It’s true therapy dogs may have reserved their place in heaven because they live their lives to make others happy 🙂
For a veteran who’s seen the worst in life, nothing can ever replace the love and loyalty a therapy dog provides – two things that are utmost necessary for the veteran to recover quick. Therapy dogs usually pick things from the floor, they help open doors, they fetch and they allow veteran to cuddle them when they feel lonely 🙂 Physical and mental injuries disappear thanks love and companionship provided by therapy dogs!

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