Overprotective Dad Dog Doesn’t Let Anyone Get Close To His Baby

As parents, we’d do anything to keep our little ones safe! This type of paternal behavior extends outside of the human species and is something that’s seen in a variety of animals. It’s the reason why this sweet golden retriever Dad wants to keep his puppy out of harm’s way when a stranger grabs for him. Thank goodness someone had the camera running and captured this sweet fatherly moment for the world to see!
Even though most male dogs don’t have the strongest paternal instincts at first, some can grow to respect and care for their offspring. Instead of attacking their newborns like non-related dogs might do, the father can come to protect the pups, give them space when needed and ward off any potential threats. This instinct will either develop over time, or it will be practically non-existent from the moment the pups are born. Thankfully, this adorable Dad loves his baby and would do anything to keep him safe – even if that means “protecting” the pup from a human stranger.

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