Dad Wants To Get Rid Of This Runt, But Watch What The Little Girl Does…

It’s very easy to get rid of the runt because some people “know” they won’t survive. But here’s the thing – a runt may be the weakest, but that does not mean they won’t survive. With love, care and medical attention, they can be stronger than the rest, trust me. This is the story of an 11 year old girl called Breana Carsey and her dream to be a racing champion.
She always wanted to raise a horse so she could fulfill her dream and so she waited for five years for her parents to agree to her idea and help her fulfill her dream. However, when her horse runt was born, nobody believed in him, only Breana did. Her dad wanted to sell the runt off, but Breana refused to do so and instead kept it, raised it and called it MJB Got Faith. What happened next is a miracle.

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