Soldier adopts homeless dogs in Afghanistan—one night, they woke the barracks with barking

It is very well known that dogs are man’s best friends, and we can see that from beautiful stories like the one below. These lovely creatures never fail to amaze us and show their loyalty.
In the clip below, three dogs demonstrate to us once more that they can do anything to see their human friends alive. It all starts when a stranger sneaked to where Duke lived with his three canine friends. Upon showing up, the dogs quickly realized that he was not a good person.
Immediately, they went after him and attacked him. Had it not been for their brave action, the soldiers living there would have died. Surprising enough, these dogs were not trained to be military dogs. The only bad thing is that one dog by the name of Sasha died in the attack when a bomb that the stranger was carrying exploded. The other two dogs survived the tragedy.
Touched by their brave actions, the soldiers were able to ferry the dogs with them from Afghanistan to the USA. Currently, the dogs are living a good life where they don’t have to worry of war again.

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