People Are Worried About The Suit He Puts His Dog In, But Then They Discover What It’s Really For

Bees are an integral part of the earth’s ecosystem. According to Wikipedia, there are around 20,000 known species of bees. Bees are responsible for pollinating plants. Without that, we wouldn’t be able to grow many of the crops that we do.
Plus, the European honey bee gives us honey – and who doesn’t love honey?! Josh Kennet and his dog, Bazz, are helping bees in Australia. Kennet, a beekeeper, found a unique way to help the thousands of bees affected by the deadly American foulbrood disease wiping out hives in South Australia.
Josh has trained Bazz to detect the American foulbrood scent! Bazz even has his own beekeeper suit! When Bazz detects an infected hive, it is quarantined, and the disease can’t spread.

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