New [Kitten Struggles Up Stairs], How Dog ‘Helps’ Her Has Mom Running For Camera

For centuries, dogs and cats have been considered opposites. They’re not expected to get along, and we’ve even coined cliches like “to fight like cats and dogs” to illustrate just how impossible a friendship between these two species can be. Of course, pet owners know this isn’t always the case!
That’s why Tennyson the German shepherd is thrilled when he finds out that he’s adopting a new baby sibling – an adorable little white fluffy kitten! He cares deeply about this little one and dotes on her and protects her. Still, despite this unusual and adorable kinship, being a big brother – even an adopted one – means occasionally being a little annoyed by the antics of your younger sibling.
Tenny is very adept at climbing stairs, but his tiny kitten brother is not. So when they try to get upstairs together, it isn’t long before the little cat is tired from the huge steps and needs a break. Impatient, Tenny tries to nudge his brother upwards, even as his Mom says “No, let him do it himself!”

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