This Tiny Little Orphan Kitten Was Hungry, But Didn’t Know How To Eat. Now Watch This!

You know when it comes to hunger, everyone just magically learns how to eat, of course when they’re adults. You cannot expect a tiny baby to head over to the microwave to heat his milk, can you? Nope, at least in today’s generation, it’s not going to happen, I’m not sure about hi-tech babies of the next generation though! Anyway, this post is about a tiny little kitten, who’s also an orphan.
The poor kitten is starving, but much like a baby, she doesn’t know how to get her own food. They gave her a bottle, but she didn’t latch to it. They tried feeding, but that didn’t work too, all they knew was that she was starving. So the Rocky Mountain Vet came to her rescue and what do you know!

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