What This Woman Does When She Sees A Pit Bull Is Going Viral.

This woman was driving her car when she came across a horrible site – an angry mob of people were mercilessly attacking a pit bull by throwing bricks, stick and rocks at him. This woman couldn’t stand this and so she immediately stopped her car, opened her car door and signaled the dog to dash in.
The dog, who was fighting for his life, ran and jumped inside her car and was quickly taken to the vet for medical care.
The angry mob had beaten the poor pit bull so badly that he sustained a deep wound on his head and face. Once he was cured, he was taken to the Canine Cupids where he went into foster care in Milwaukee and a year later the pit bull, who is now called Frankie, found his forever loving home! Thanks to the woman who saved him in the first place, this pit bull is now a very happy pup 🙂

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