Rosie Is A Deaf Dog, With No Hope, Until One Day Her Life Changed Completely!

You won’t believe how happily this story ends, really. This is the story of Rosie, a deaf dog, who no one knew was deaf. Rosie was living in a shelter and you know how difficult it is to live in shelters. Although they’re amazing people out there, its still not your family. For Rosie, shelter life was a little bit difficult give the fact that she was deaf. The shelter volunteers had a difficult time getting Rosie’s attention and that’s when they realized that the poor pup was suffering from a hearing disability.
When this happened, the volunteers worked hard to teach her how to recognize sign language for sit, stay and other basic commands. As soon as she’d learned sign language, she was ready to be adopted, but who’s going to adopt a deaf dog? All she could do was wait for her forever loving family and for Rosie, that day was very near!

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