When This Baby Horse Can’t Make The Jump, He Almost Gives Up. But When Mom Does This? Adorable!

A mother is a mother, whether she’s human or animal and I’m sure you all agree to that, don’t you? Well, what you’re about to watch now is a true example of a mother, and she isn’t human 🙂 It’s funny how animals have a lot to teach us, but because we’re humans, some of us don’t even bother looking! Well, here’s what’s worth looking!
This baby horse was trying so hard to jump, but couldn’t make it back to his mommy who was on the other side. The horse than decided to just wait for mommy to come on to his side so they can be together again. Mommy, on the other hand, could see that her baby was having a tough time jumping. Then she does the most incredible thing 🙂

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